Are Southerners really more innovative than we are?

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry celebrating the North-West's
proud industrial past. But what of the present?
Source Wikipedia

According to the Intellectual Property Office's Facts and Figures for 2012 and 2013, some 1,259 British patent applications were filed from the North West in 2013 which was down from 1,426 the previous year. The number of applications from the region was behind South East England (2,822), London (2,588), East of England (1,802) and the South West (1,368) but we were ahead of all the regions including the West Midlands (1,180) and, most importantly, Yorkshire (984).

Some 204 British patents were granted to proprietors in the North West in 2013 compared to 437 in the South East, 346 in London, 340 in South West England and 337 in the East. Again, the North West did better than the rest of the UK.

There were 4,222 applications for British trade marks from North West England in 2013 compared to 12,699 from London and 6,197 from the South East. There were 3,521 new registrations in the region compared to 10,583 in London and 5,258 in the South East.

With 471 applications the North West came fourth in the number of registered design applications in 2013 behind London 1,153, South East England 1,066 and the North East 548. In the number of design registrations the North West trailed fifth with 397 compared to 883 from South East England, 720 from London, 484 from North East England and 451 from the West Midlands.

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