The Patent Box Workshop: Liverpool Inventors Club

The patent box is a tax concession to encourage businesses to invest in research and development in the UK. With 4,733 filings in 2012 (down from 4,757 the previous year) the UK trails the USA (35,222), Germany (27,295), Japan (22,700), France (9,879), Switzerland (6,617), South Korea (5,711) and the Netherlands (5.067) in the number of European patent applications British industry needs every fillip it can get.

In my introduction, I explained what a patent was, why businesses might want one, how to get one and how much a patent would cost.

The Patent Box: Introduction to Patents from Jane Lambert

Vince Walker, tax partner of BDO in Manchester, discussed R & D credits, outlined the patent box, the conditions for the concession together with a worked example.

R & D Credits and the Patent Box from Vince Walker

I reminded the audience that patents were not the only IP and that patents were not always suitable for every businesses. I suggested a number of alternatives and gave some tips on developing an IP strategy.

The Patent Box: Alternatives to Patents from Jane Lambert

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