Not Backward at Coming Forward - NW England leads bids for Regional Growth Fund with Yorkshire Number 2

According to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ("North West leads applications for Regional Growth Fund" 5 Apr 2013) there have been 309 applications for the fourth tranche of the Regional Growth Fund ("RGF"),.

North West England is the region with the largest number of bids with Yorkshire and Humber as number two.  According to the Departmental press release, there have been 58 applications for £315 million of the £350 million from the North West.  Yorkshire and the Humber sought £230 million for 39 programmes and projects and the North East £215 million for 31.

London, which is arguably the most dynamic region of the country came bottom of the list with a request for a measly £32 million for 6 programmes and projects and the East of England second from last seeking £47 million for 13.  

I am tempted to say something sarcastic but I won't.

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