JWK Solicitors - a new force in IP

The solicitor who sat behind me yesterday in Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp and Others v Harris and Others [2013] EWHC 159 (Ch) (5 Feb 2013) was Mr. Craig Hollingdrake of  JWK Solicitors in Lancaster (see "Twentieth Century Fox v Harris - very interesting but what exactly was that case about?" IP/IT Update 6 Feb 2013).

JWK Solicitors are a merger of Jobling & Knape and Whiteside & Knowles which took place last year but Craig and I go back much further than that.   I have known him ever since he was an articled clerk which was in 1987 according to his web page.   He and I have had some good wins over the years scoring victories over some of the most prestigious law firms in the country.   Most of these were in intellectual property but we have worked together in company, contract, partnership and general chancery and commercial cases as well.

Although I have worked mainly with Craig I have looked after most of his partners too.   Peter Bujakowski, now a director of the merged firm, turned a committal application where our client was looking at a spell inside and indemnity costs into a £20,000 costs payment to us through patient but tenacious negotiation. Ian Gee first consulted me about an ostrich farm.   However, he is an expert in aviation law with his own pilot's licence. He literally flies in for cons.

I have also worked closely with some of the younger fee earners such as Kate Shawcross and Lee Hughes who are developing IP practices.   Jobling & Knape were always very good at bringing junior staff on.   Gina Hodgson  and Maria Nelis joined as support staff and are now important fee earners.    I first knew them when they worked for Peter and Craig.

JWK have a lot of experience of intellectual property   They can provide.contentious as well as non-contentious services in patents, copyright, trade marks, designs, breach of confidence and domain names.

Craig and I offer two integrated services which are of special interest to startups and other SME:

Should anyone wish to learn more about those or any other services, please call me on 0161 850 0080 or send me a message through my contact form. You can also follow me on Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and Xing..