BioCap 2012

If you get your skates on you can just about make the start of the BioCap 2012 conference at Bridgewater Hall today. According to the conference website it brings VCs and angels together with life science businesses seeking investment.

The conference is organized by Bionow, a membership organization for the life-sciences industry in the North of England, which offers a range of specialist business support services for the industry in the region.   Though Bionow started off as a North West organization its website has recently announced an understanding with Science City York.

If you are a member of BioNW you can attend the conference for £72 + VAT (£63 + VAT if you are a premium member). For everybody else the cost is £90 + VAT.

The topics to be discussed include
- Venture capital and angel investment from Seroba Kernel
- Corporate venturing with Takeda and Astellas
- Public sector funding opportunities including a focus on the RGF
- Big pharma partnering with Eli Lilly and Merck
- Flotations with Mark Fahy of the Stock Exchange.

The delegates' list, which you can download from the conference website, contains some interesting names. If I had found out about it sooner I would have been there.   


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