NIPC: You can get anything that you want at Alex's Restaurant

My old pupil, Alex Khan, is a man of many parts. Not content with excelling as a scientist, intellectual property lawyer, advocate and footballer he has recently become a restaurateur.

Yesterday he showed me around his premises known as Eurasia at 202 Burton Road, Manchester M20 2LW. Spotless kitchen and spotless loo. Always a good sign. The food is mainly from the Indian Sub-Continent but there are a few Western dishes. As the average price of most dishes is £6.50 it represents very good value.

The accommodation is intimate. The half dozen or so tables can seat about 20 diners. But there are also two settees which can suit folk waiting for tables or takeaways or just sopping a drink.

Taking up a large portion of one wall is an enormous flat screen TV while the month's fixtures are festooned over another. Should be a lively place, particularly when there is an England game or the City United Derby.