Access to Counsel: Governor's responds to Northern Circuit Leader's Complaint

Richard Marks QC has now received a response to his complaint from the Governor of Strangeways prison. This is what he says in his message to members of the Northern Circuit:

"Dear Colleague

With regard to the Strangeways saga, I have now received a reply from the Governor. As anticipated, he accepts no blame or criticism whatsoever, either in relation to the specific incident or in general terms in relation to the attitude of his staff, as to which he writes that 'I am unaware of any previous occasion where you or your colleagues have been treated in anything less than a professional and courteous manner'.

This is of course boloney, but I cannot deal with his response without being in a position to give him concrete examples of where the contrary has been the case, which I know to be the position, both from my own experience as well as from speaking to many others.

Last week an email went out to all members requesting such information (how ever minor the incident), to which I have received 1 solitary reply.

An email would take you 5 minutes; surely that is not too much to ask - or would you prefer that we simply capitulate spinelessly?


Richard Marks QC


St John’s Buildings

T: 0161 2141500

F: 0161 8353929


Although this is not my fight I think there is a constitutional principle here. It concerns criminal barristers on all circuits and for that matter solicitors and everybody else in the criminal justice system. I do urge readers of this blog or my followers on twitter to assist the Leader in any way they can.