My book is on sale................ Yippee!

This book distills 20 years experience at the Manchester Bar. It is really a summary of practcial advise that I have given over those years in conference or in writing mainly to solicitors who are not specialists in IP and technology law.

It starts with a conference in chambers with a non too bright instructing solicitor who asks for an Anton Piller order and sends threatening letters to all and sundry. I explain about para 4 of  PD-Protocols and the Code of Practice for Pre-Action Conduct in IP Disputes and warn him about threats actions. That same solicitor is my entirely fictitious subject in Educating Samuel two further episodes of which have appeared in this blog.

I continue with an introduction to IP, why its there and how it works generally.  I carry on with a discussion of the dispute resolution procedure highlighting practical issues like getting the right kind of IP in the first place or obtaining IP insurance.
The book is available from Amazon at £45.